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Elite Expertise You Can Trust.

"Put me in, Coach!"



Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Customized Business Plans

We craft tailored and data-driven business plans that propel your company towards success. With a keen understanding of your unique needs and market dynamics, our expertise will empower your business to thrive and surpass its goals.

Team & Staff Coaching

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with our comprehensive staff coaching and training services. We'll design engaging programs that cultivate your team's skills, boost productivity, and foster a culture of continuous growth, leading your business to unparalleled achievements.

Finance Optimization

We'll optimize your company's finances to drive profitability and sustainable growth. With a strategic approach and in-depth financial analysis, we'll uncover untapped opportunities and implement effective solutions to secure your business's financial success.

Helping dozens of different business types.

  • B2B sales

  • D2D (pest control & security)

  • In-Home sales (solar, renovations, and hvac)

  • Retail (most types)

  • Industry (bar and food)

  • Handyman/construction/remodeling

  • Landscaping

Business Coach and Business Owner


Our Experts Are the Finest

Being a business owner you’re extremely busy, and getting a quick turnaround on your investment is always a welcome idea. There are lots of knowledgeable experts, motivational speakers, superstar resumes, and companies and individuals with what sounds like sound logical advice. 


Unfortunately sometimes getting their assistance brings marginal gains and confidence at first but you notice this method isn’t sustainable with the personnel and vision you have leaving you in a cloud of doubt. Being in a position worse off than when you started not to mention the loss of capital and personnel from that decision is enough to make you go crazy on top of everything else!


Here at Fix It Business Consulting you’ll get elite expert advice you can trust. The first thing our Business Coach will do is listen. Just like being a great salesperson, leader, partner, and parent~ listening is paramount to our success. We don’t rush to judgement or solutions, we’d rather formulate unique strategies from seeing different aspects of your businesses’ day to day and help you instill worth into your staff. Our ultimate goal is align a strategy that still protects your core values. 

Sammy Williams

Award- winning sales and business development leader with multiple companies.

Business Advisor

" I’ve exceeded expectations and quotas at Fortune 500 companies as well as launched several successful startups. "


For You

Answering questions and giving you information guaranteed to optimize your business.
  • Power sellers losing motivation and employee retention

  • Onboarding process and decreasing cost

  • Having sales people in leadership roles

  • Evolving culture 

  • Do I have the right people in the right places?”

  • What do my clients see?”

  • Should I add or decrease my sales staff/territory

  • "Do my employees enjoy what they’re doing?”

  • Are my practices outdated?”

  • Training and meeting efficiency 

  • Revised presentations and pitches

  • Recruiting and interview process 

  • Effective communication methods

  • Increased profits with lower overhead 

  • Adapting to market/price changes

  • Personal growth topics and how to execute

  • I do everything myself and want time to give”

  • I want to start a business”

  • Marketing and networking strategies



Let’s Work Together

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